Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur Jr

Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur (Junior) belongs to Shahwani branch of the Talpurs. He is son of Mushtaq Ali Talpur. He was born on 4th March 1971 at Karachi. He began his political career a few years ago. During the last general elections he was elected as a member of the Sindh Assembly from Tando Muhammad Khan constituency. Currently he is Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister for NGOs.

Below is his photograph in traditional dress of Talpur Mirs.

He is married to daughter of Mir Mumtaz Ali Talpur and has a son, Alizar Talpur (in photograph below) , born on 12th January 2001 at Karachi.

Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur being welcomed at Toll Plaza, Super Highway, after his induction as advisor to the Sindh Chief Minister about NGOs, in previous government.

Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur's procession being welcomed at Seri village when after his induction as advisor to Sindh Chief Minister about NGOs

Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur welcomed by members of Hindu Punchayat upon his arrival at Tando Muhammad Khan

Scenes of processions which welcomed him when he was appointed as advisor in Sindh's Cabinet