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Shahwani House of Tando Muhammad Khan

Shahwani Talpurs mostly reside in Tando Muhammad Khan area in Sindh. Shahwani branch of Talpurs has many prominent names.

The family tree of the Shahwani Talpurs

Sons and grandsons:
  • Mir Aijaz Ali Talpur >> Sons: (a) Mir Inayat Ali Talpur and (b) Mir Sajjad Ali Talpur 
  • Mir Ahmed Ali Talpur 
  • Mir Mumtaz Ali Talpur >> Sons: (a) Mir Murtaza Talpur and (b) Mir Jawad Ali Talpur 
  • Mir Anwar Ali Talpur >> Sons: (a) Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur and (b) Mir Danish Ali Talpur 
  • Mir Munawar Ali >> Son: Mir Farzok Ali Talpur 
  • Mir Sultan Ali Talpur >> Sons: (a) Mir Hassan Talpur and (b) Mir Jodet Talpur

Sons and grandsons :

The profiles of some of the Shahwani Talpurs have been web-posted. More will be web-posted soon.