Mir Haji Yar Muhammad Talpur

Mir Yar Muhammad Talpur (s/o Mir Ghulam Muhammad Talpur) born in 1940. He got his school education from Sindh Madrasatul Islam, Karachi and college education from D.J. Science College, Karachi. In sixties, he took active part in politics and served as a chairman of local council (Balochabad) in district Mirpurkhas. Since then, he has been involved in agriculture farming and local affairs pertaining to the business. 

Mir Haji Yar Muhammad Talpur (2003)

School time at Hyderabad house.

At his Karachi bungalow - during college times.

Mir Yar Muhammad Talpur (as in 1953)

Practicing cricket at Mirpurkhas home.

In this photograph, Mir Haji Yar Muhammad  Talpur (4) is seen sitting with Mir Imam Bukhsh-II (3) (former Sindh Minister), Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (2) (former  Prime Minister of Pakistan), and  Pir Ghulam Rasool Shah Jilani (1) (former Member National Assembly of Pakistan). The photograph depicts the occasion when Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto visited Mirpurkhas after having launched his Pakistan Peoples' Party in late sixties.

This photograph has been taken form the Chronicle of Sindh Madrassah, 1955-56. It shows Mir Yar Muhammad and other school fellows of Sindhi Bazm-e-Adab. 

Chairs (L-R):  A.Rashid, Muhammad Ashraf Jan Sarhandi (Gen. Secretary), Mr. Mirza Abdul Majeed Beg (1st Asst.), Mr. S. Nasir Hussain (Head Master & President), Mir Yar Muhammad Talpur (Vice President), Rasool Bux Baloch.

On Floor (L-R): Habibur Rehman, Anwer Hussain, Mushtaq Ahmed

Standing (L-R): Amiruddin Ghulam Muhammad, Ghulam Muhammad, Fazal Ali, Sarfaraz Ahmed

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