Mir Muhammad Bukhsh Khan Talpur

Mir Muhammad Bukhsh Khan Talpur

Mir Muhammad Bukhsh Talpur was the second son of Mir Abdullah Khan Talpur. Beside being a politician, he was a great scholar and author of many books and research papers. His book, "Tarikh-i-Miran-i-Sindh" is the most authentic source of the history of Talpur Mirs, especially of Mankani branch of Talpurs. It was this book by him which inspired the author of the this web site to start compiling profiles of all important Talpurs with historical background in English language for awareness to the non-Sindhi people around the world, after many demands from various parts of the world by email contacts, asking about information.

This is just a brief note about him. A comprehensive profile about him, including about his political career and scholarly pursuits would be posted soon. His research article about Sher-i-Sindh Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur, published in Sindhi periodical, Mehran, has been scanned and web-posted on this WebSite,

Mir Muhammad Bukhsh Talpur and the Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar viewing the sports event in Mirpurkhas. Choudhry Rafiq can be seen sitting in the front row. In the second row there are Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur (Mir Muhammad Bukhsh's son), Mir Muhammad Nawaz Talpur and Mir Yar Muhammad Talpur.

With General Jehandad Khan, the then Governor of Sindh during President Zia's Martial Law regime. He came to see relics of Talpur family at Umerkot and we were asked to exhibit these items. The then Commissioner Hyderabad Division, Ali Muhammad and Mir Atta Muhammad Talpur (this web site owner/editor) also appear in this photograph (right).