Mir Haji Ahmed Khan Talpur

Mir Haji Ahmed Khan Talpur (1918 - 1993 AD)
Mir Haji Ahmed Khan Talpur

Late Mir Ahmad Khan Talpur was son of Mir Abdullah Khan Talpur. He was born in 1918 and remained member of Sindh Assembly from 1946 to 1956. He was well educated and a man with foresight. Since 1952 he followed Naqshbandi system of Sufism and remained disciple of Maolana Abdul Malik Sahib Khalifa Hadrat Qureshi Fazal Ali of Muzafargarh. He passed his life as a very successful politician, agriculturist and as a spiritual leader. He was martyred by some unidentified persons at his village residence in 1993.

He has two sons Mir Ghulamullah Khan Talpur and Dr Mir Amanullah Khan Talpur.

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