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Mir Nabi Bukhsh Talpur

Shahzada Sarkar Mir Nabi Bukhsh Khan Talpur, the youngest prince of HH Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur

Shehzada Sarkar Mir Nabi Bukhsh Khan Talpur

Shahzada (Prince) Sarkar Mir Nabi Bukhsh Talpur was the youngest, most beloved and able son of Sher-I-Sindh His Highness Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur, the last head of the state of the independent Sindh. He got his early education from Molvi Muhammad Bukhsh of Lahore. Later, a Qazi from Hala taught him Arabic, Persian and Sindhi languages and literature. Sarkar Mir Nabi Bukhsh Khan Talpur received nominal political pension from the British and used to call himself political pensioner instead of a landlord, though he did have some agriculture land in Tando Allahyar, Mirpurkhas, Khipro and Larr . He was a great philanthropist of his times. He lived in Tando Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur, near Mirpur Khas, and there he had constructed a large Musafirkhana , a place for travelers to stay and have food free as his guests. 

Sarkar Mir Nabi Bukhsh Khan Talpur was great intellectual of Baloch history, tradition and folklore. He also had great knowledge of ‘tibu’ [Greek Medicine]and was inclined towards Sufism. Spiritually, he was affiliated with Pir Muhammad Shah Jilani, Dargah Sharif Shah Qadria, of Badin. In fact, since Sarkar Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur [father of Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur], his family had spiritual relations with Pir Sahib Pagara, but, it is said, he got himself affiliated with Pir Muhammad Shah Jilani on Pir Sahib Pagara’s instructions 'in a dream'. Along with his proclivity towards ‘tasawwuf’ he was a good poet too. However, such leanings towards spirituality did not restrain him from taking active part in routine matters of the State and politics until his son, Khan Bahadur Mir Yar Muhammad Khan Talpur attained the age of majority. 

Sarkar Mir Nabi Bukhsk Khan Talpur proceeded to perform pilgrimage to Arabia in 1923 along with more than hundred other people, including his grandson, Mir Ghulam Muhammad Muhammad Khan (then only 13 years old), Mir Muhammad Khan s/o Sarkar Mir Imam Bukhsh Khan Talpur [ Mir Imam Bukhsh Khan was elder brother of Mir Nabi Bukhsh Khan Talpur] accompanied him on the pilgrimage. After having visited Madinah, he and his companions came to Makkah, where his health deteriorated and his soul departed for the eternal peace. He was buried near the feet of [ the grave of ] Hadrat Bibi Khadija, the wife of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him.